Billy J
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Billy J photography.
 A NYC born and bred fun loving and passionate photographer.  Graduated from the University of NY streets.  I started photography in the days of 12 and 24 exposures the black and white era. It quickly became one of my first loves, a labor of love some say.  I briefly attended Germain School of Modern Photography where i was introduced to lighting and portraiture. It was love at first click the human face.  I just love seeing the reactions of people i photograph who tell me that they're not photogenic. They have no idea that lighting patterns, posing and the likes done right make all the difference in the world. I soon became known as that  guy with the camera.  Although i consider my self a portrait/headshot photographer, some of my recent work consists of pageants ie; Ms Special Staten Island, Ms Black Staten Island, Curtis High School ROTC Ball, Concrete Fashions Spring line and a host of other events and fashion shows